Massaging Hands

Norb Peil Therapies, LLC offers Intuitive Bodywork to balance heart, mind, body, and soul. In a soothing studio reminiscent of a tropical beach resort, you are invited to completely relax as you enjoy a treatment specifically designed to meet your needs. Whether it be a relaxing massage, a helpful craniosacral session, a chakra energy balancing, a lomilomi massage, or a combination of methods, the massage you receive will encourage you to release tensions, renew your energy, and restore your soul.

I've owned and operated Norb Peil Therapies, LLC since 2004 as a nationally certified and licensed massage therapist. Since my graduation from the Desert Institute of the Healing Arts, I have completed courses and workshops in Craniosacral Therapy, Autonomic Cranial Enhancement, Matrix and Light Energy Connections, Belief Systems Repatterning, Chi Nei Tsang, (a traditional Chinese form of abdominal organ massage,) and Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage. Because I have studied a variety of techniques and therapies, I bring a unique perspective to every session.

To reserve your time to relax and enjoy a mini vacation of relaxing massage therapy, you can contact Norb Peil Therapies by phone or text message at (520) 954-0326 or by email at